Weathered Thoughts Ch. 1

A sunny day can make you think of many things, it often causes one’s mind to be continually active, more so than usual. For instance, on a sunny day, a girl decided she should go on a picnic, not for any particular reason, she just decided the day was unbelievably beautiful and that she wanted [...]

The Angel and The Dragon (Short Story)

A story by G. Edgar The stars align and then they divide into a place where love is born and hatred dies. Look through the clouds and past the moon, in the sky where the angels fly. Here you will find what they thought was called heaven, but this was a place far from perfection. [...]

I’m Still Here….and I’m Dreaming About You

Hey everyone, I have taken a needed break from the world of blogging but have been focusing on my writing which has been so so good for me. feel more myself than I ever have and I'm working on a lot of stuff that I can't wait to share with you. In the meantime please [...]