January: Favorite Products

January has to be my favorite month and I’m very sad to see it leave. Not only is it my birth-month but it’s also usually the first month I get to go snowboarding as some of you saw a few days ago on my snapchat. In January I like to use lots of moisturizer type products and lots of makeup that’s light and natural in color. So, without further ado here are my favorite products from this month.

Hanalei Lip Treatment-$20-  I Love this lip treatment ! Especially this time of year I need something that moisturizes my lips like this magic treatment does. I bring it with me when I’m snowboarding because it works better than chapstick and keeps my lips from getting dry or chapped while out on the slopes all day. I also use it for everyday as part of my makeup routine. I highly recommend you get some if your lips get chapped easily this time of year.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara– $32- If You know me you know I love Chanel, not for their makeup as much as for their clothes. This mascara made my eyelashes SO long and beautiful and now I use it more than the better than sex mascara. Yes I know I love better than sex but I prefer Chanel’s mascara over it for sure!!

Mad Lash Mascara– $18- This mascara is a close second to Chanel’s. I was in love with this before I got my Chanel one, but it’s definitely a close second. It’s not quite as dramatic as Chanel’s but I still use it very often for a more natural look. It’s also a great dupe.

Revolution Baked Highlighter-$6- Who doesn’t love highlighter? Like seriously I want them all. This one by Revolution is my favorite for everyday and I have used it the most since I got it at the end of last month. It gives an amazing glow and highlights those cheekbones like nobodies business.

Verb Hair Ghost Oil-$14- I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I have to take extra special care of my hair in the winter. My hair gets so dry I have to masks and treatment all the time. Verb hair oil is awesome for putting in your hair before you style it everyday to give it some moisture so it doesn’t get dried out during these cold winter days. I can’t go a day without it and I’m definitely going to buy this stuff again and again.

Jelly Pong Pong Coffee Lip Scrub– $19- I love using lip scrubs especially when I do matte lipsticks because some of them tend to dry out your lips. LIp scrubs can also be a great tool to get off matte lipsticks and glosses. This one is my current fav mostly because it is coffee and coconut which are my two favorite scents /flavors of all time.

Even though my favortie month is pretty much over now I’m really looking forward to February and lots of snowboarding trips and more products to try out.

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