Grey Skies

Hi darlings!

Today was a pretty lazy, moody day but these kind of days are my favorite. I wanted to stay in bed all day and sleep even though I had stuff to do but tonight I will absolutely bum out and watch tv. Grey Skies 1

This outfit is inspired by my lazy-ness but also my love for grey and for Metallica. For those who don’t know two weeks ago I went to see Metallica and that’s actually how I got this sweatshirt. I have a YouTube video of the Metallica concert for those who are interested in seeing my experience. Grey Skies 2Grey Skies 3

I definitely recommend you follow the link above because the experience was awesome and their performance was like being in a different world. Grey Skies 4

This week has been such a lazy week for me so far. I feel like I haven’t gone to bed at a decent time in months and I have to wake up early most days for my job. So, this lazy post is long overdue. Grey Skies 5

I think the rest of the week will be dedicated to eating healthy and catching up on sleep because I have a feeling June is going to be even busier. I’m glad May is over even though it was such a great month. Grey Skies 6

Shop the Look:

Metallica Hoodie -Metallica Store

Grey leggings -Forever 21

Grey Vans – PacSun

Thank You for reading I hope you enjoyed the read. If you did please like the post and follow. I hope everyone has a very relaxing week but I know that’s easier said than done. Try you’re best to enjoy it though.

Comment you’re favorite lazy day movies down below!!!!


10 thoughts on “Grey Skies

  1. I love this grey jumper – I am obsessed with grey jumpers! You look great! My favourite movie for a lazy day is Step Brothers – My all time favourite movie! xo

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