Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup Everyday

Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and when I have a my makeup all done I  feel pretty and stuff, but I just can not wear it every single day like I used to.

The first and a very important reason it because it’s bad for your skin. In high school I had acne like most teenagers do and I tried to cover it up every single day making it get worse and worse all the time. Now part of the problem may have been that at the time I was wearing drugstore makeup and I didn’t know much about makeup but even now my skin needs a break from makeup. If you are someone who wears makeup everyday I recommend you at least take one day a week to go without makeup. I stopped wearing makeup, doing my makeup maybe once a week, two years ago and my skin thanks me every day. I’m so thankful I stopped that. Mirror(I still have bags under my eyes all the time but I don’t know how to go to sleep on time.)

The second reason is that I have learned to be confident without makeup. I go to work everyday without makeup, sometimes I don’t even wear makeup on dates. I have really learned to love the way I look without makeup. Of course I still prefer the way I look with my face all done up, it’s so nice to be able to go out without feeling the need to do my makeup. It’s so important to appreciate your natural features and your skin without makeup. I feel like it makes you more aware of which features are your prominent features so that when you do end up putting on makeup you can highlight those features instead of just overdoing your eyebrows which are already naturally amazing or putting on way too much eyeliner and distracting people from your eye color (that’s what it does in my opinion.)

I love wearing makeup but I think it’s important to not feel like you need it to look beautiful. I know that I used to feel that way and that many other girls feel that way but it’s so important to just stop wearing it all the time and embrace your natural skin and facial features.

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