What I’m Listening to in October

Listening to music is one of those things I’m doing all the time. It’s a way to get me through the day and a way to keep me motivated. The music we listen to says a lot about us and our taste in music changes often just like we do. We change everyday.

I wanted to share my favorite jams currently to help you find inspiration for new music to listen to.October Playlist

So here is my October Playlist…          (Click on any of the titles/artist to listen to the song)

This is only a small selection of my favorite songs right now. If you want to listen to these songs and more like them listen to my fall playlist on spotify.

As you may be able to tell I have been super into Alternative R&B lately so if you follow the playlist expect much more of that type of music.

What are you listening to right now? Tell me in the comments…

Thank you for reading!! I’m going to start doing one of these playlist posts every month so come back for more music inspiration. Please share and like this post and follow for more awesome content.

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