My Christmas Playlist

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is listening to Christmas music. It’s so uplifting and happy and it always really helps me get in the Christmas mood. I’m not the type to ONLY listen to Christmas music during the season but I will play it while decorating or baking or whatever. I made a list of the songs which are my favorite but I will also link my favorite Christmas playlists from spotify. Christmas Playlist

So here it is…My Christmas Playlist.

Also all of the songs and more are on the Christmas Classics playlist on Spotify…Christmas Playlist (2).JPG

Christmas music is one of the best parts of the season and I always love listening to this music it really helps lift my spirits sometime, especially when I’m chillin’ with loved ones. I’m sure I’ll be jammin’ out to Christmas music from now until Christmas day.

Which Christmas songs are your favorite? …Tell me in the comments below.

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