Glossy Lips and Long Lashes |Makeup Look

I don’t know about you but for me most days are go without makeup days….for the most part. More and more I have been finding that I would rather just put on my favorite mascara and a lip gloss than do a full face of makeup.

I just don’t see the point of covering my face with makeup which isn’t all too great for your skin when I am happy with my skin for the most part. It still isn’t perfect but it is A LOT better than it used to be. But some days I still feel like I look a little tired and need a little something. These are the days which I will put on my fav mascara and some gloss. long-lashes.jpg

A perfect everyday look!! I have been noticing more and more people wearing gloss instead of matte which I am sssooooo happy about because I am obsessed with the look. Glossy lips are so cute and they are easier to get perfect than matte lips. Also, Long lashes will always be in. I always have to make my lashes look as long as possible every time I do my makeup.  Glossy Lips and Long Lashes

To get this look I just wash my face, use a lip scrub to make my lips soft and help bring out the natural color, then put on my favorite skin moisturizer which you can find in my Favorite Winter Beauty Finds post. After I curl my lashes and apply M.A.C cosmetics –  in Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara (Literally my  favorite. After my lashes are long and beautiful I put on Estee Lauder finishing gloss. Then I am done and have a perfect au natural look. Glossy Lips

This is my most common look mostly because I am too lazy to do my makeup a lot but also I am  just not about wearing makeup everyday all day. I’m so excited for the glossy lip look to become more popular hopefully it looks so good and is perfect for everyday and big events.

P.S. I really love the Instagram Story Filters. They are natural and pretty.

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6 thoughts on “Glossy Lips and Long Lashes |Makeup Look

  1. Your skin is so gorgeous!! I WISH I could get away with just gloss and mascara but for some odd reason, my acne-prone skin actually behaves WORSE without oil-controlling products/makeup on it. You would think I would be better off with a bare face but that just isn’t the case for me :’)

    Lovely post, I look forward to reading more!! ^_^

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    1. Huh. That’s strange. I’m sorry you’re having such problems with your skin. I hope you figure out something that works for you because going without makeup is literally the best!


  2. Oh my gosh….im in love with this look and honestly it looks so perfect on you that it makes me wanna copy it every day! I hate wearing heavy makeup so this would work perfectly for me when I run daily errands.

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