Easy Living

This week is my week off of work but that doesn’t mean I’m any less busy. I’m so excited to catch up on shooting content, finishing my photography class, and getting my car inspected. Although I may be busy, I’ts always nice to slow down and live easy.Easy Living (8)Easy Living (6)

It’s nice to keep yourself busy but sometimes I like to relax and take a break, but that usually involves another photo shoot. Today my photographer and I stumbled upon a record shop right next to one of our favorite coffee shops. We haven’t been there in a while and I didn’t know this cute little place was there. Easy Living (4)Easy living (3)

I’ve been feeling the simple vibe with a unique touch. I love this turtleneck with jeans and these fun heels I found at a thrift store. I wasn’t sure about the heels when I bought them at first, my mom said they were ugly, but with the right outfit I found that they are actually adorable. Easy Living (5)Easy Living (6)

This is the perfect time of year for an outfit like this and it’s easy to dress it up or down. I put my necklace over my shirt to give a little bling and added my go-to jacket and some sweet shades. I really love this classic look and will be wearing it a lot more often because of how versatile and chic I find it to be.Easy living (7)

I hope you guys are having a very chill week wherever you are whether it be 1000 miles from home or checking out your local coffee shops, and record stores. Always be taking it easy whatever you’re doing!Easy livingEasy Living (2)Shop the Look

Black turtleneck

High Waisted Jeans

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Cat Eye Brow Frame Sunglasses

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