Knits and Denim

If I’m being completely honest I am so ready for warmer weather and sunny days, but when I heard that we were getting snow I had to seize the opportunity to use the beautiful scene to show off this outfit before it got too warm for it. Knits and Denim (3)Knits and Denim

I hate it when people get super upset about the weather because it’s not something we can control. You have to just go with the flow and embrace it. Hopefully we are embracing this snowy weather for the last time this winter, spring is only a few weeks away!Knits and Denim (4)Knits and Denim (2)

This outfit is one of my all time favorites! I love wearing giant sweaters and I bought this overall dress a month ago and thought the needed to be together. Sweaters always seem to go so well with anything denim in my view. It’s such a cozy and warm combination and I wanted to dress it up a tad so I added some boot heels to bring a little height and drama. Knits and Denim (8)Knits and Denim (7)

I didn’t do anything for my hair ( I rarely do) but it was an amazing hair day. most black and white or neutral colored outfits need a pop so I opted for some bright red MAC lipstick which really pulled the look all together. You can go see more of my makeup look on my Instagram story @genneydarling.Knits and Denim (6)

Today I will be enjoying the snow from inside my house. I might even make myself some hot chocolate after completing writing the post, but the work never stops, I’m always trying to use my time wisely and get lots done on my free time.

What are you guys doing today? Are you enjoying the snow? Or are you somewhere warm and tropical?

Shop the Look:

White Over sized Cable Knit Sweater – ASOS

Black Overall Denim Dress – H&M

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7 thoughts on “Knits and Denim

  1. I don’t know where you live, but it was in the 50’s and 60’s (F) here for a week or two, then it went back to being freezing. I hate when winter does that! Such a fake out and it makes you crave the warm weather desperately. Really like the overall dress, so versatile.

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