My Everyday Skincare Routine

Routine is very important but to be honest I’m not the best about staying on top of my skincare routine although recently I have been better at making it a part of everyday.skincare routine

At the same time I genuinely feel that we need to break routine every once in a while so it’s good to not over do you routine and stress out about it all. genney-darling-skincare-routine.jpg

The first thing I do (since I rarely wear makeup anymore) is go straight to washing my face. My favorite product is Estee Lauder – Perfectly Clean foam cleanser ($25). I also really love Burt’s Bees Deep Cleansing Cream ($21) .

Next I will spray a little PearlEssence -Coconut Rose hydrating face mist ($14) onto my face to help balance and tone my skin.coconut rose water facial mist

After I let the spray sit I moisturize my skin using Aveeno Positively radiant daily moisturizer ($14). I really like this moisturizer because it isn’t too heavy on my skin and it has spf 30 which is great for avoiding skin cancer. aveeno- positively radiant

After that’s all done I finish with my current favorite mascara from Estee lauder. Sumptuous Bold Volume ($21)estee lauder mascara

Lastly if I feel like I need a little glow I will brush on a little highlighter from Luna in Calypso ($23)luna highlighter

My skin routine is very simple and I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup so my skin has been doing pretty well I think. Other things that can help your skin is to just eat healthy and stay hydrated. skincare-routine-2.jpg

Thank you for reading this post! I really hope you enjoyed it. Please share it with all your friends, give the post a like and follow for more amazing content.

Stay natural.


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