Natural Summer Glow |Makeup

The “natural summer glow” look is totally my vibe and it’s what I’ve been rocking when I do wear makeup. As many of you probably know, I don’t wear makeup everyday and when I do it’s usually just mascara and highlighter. Today I added a few more products to really get that natural glow look.Natural Glow Products (2)

To start you are obviously going to clean your face and hydrate your skin. Here is My Everyday Skincare Routine.Final Look (3)

After you do that I put on glotion which is my favorite product right now because it is like mixing highlighter with lotion and it looks amazing. Then you want to put your favorite primer on.

e.l.f. Primer Mist               Wander Beauty GlotionPrimer and Glotion

After you prime your face you can go ahead contour your face. I make a fishy face and put the bronzer on the hallows of my cheeks and then on the outermost parts of my forehead.

Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer – Star island      Tarte Blush – idol    F.A.R.A.H Angled Contour Brush Blush, Bronzer and Brushes

After contouring you can highlight your face. I like to highlight the top of my cheekbones, my nose, my chin, a small part of my forehead, and my cupids bow (the top of your upper lip.) Also this is not a brush for highlighting but I like the way it looks for me. Another tip is to spray your brush with primer before highlighting to get the highlight really popping.

Luna Highlighter – Electra            Royal & Langnickel Angled brushHighlighter and Brush

That is all I do for my face. I don’t like to do foundation or concealer with the natural look. Next, you will want to prime your eyelid with your favorite eye lid primer. Then, use this eye shadow which is my favorite thing on his world at the moment. It is white but shines gold, How can you not be obsessed? I put it on my inner corner and more lightly over the rest of my eyelid. I don’t usually wear eye shadow but this one is like so pretty I can’t stay away from it.

Meech and Mia White Loose Eye Shadow       Smashbox Eyelid Primer $15 – reduced priceEyelid Primer and EyeshadowFinal Look (2)Now all you need is to put on mascara and set your face with a setting spray or use rose-water which is my favorite thing to do and it is so good for your skin and works just as well as setting spray. You also might want to use a setting powder if your pores are prominent.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume mascara    Pearlessence  Coconut Rose MistMascara and Rose Water

The natural summer glow is such a vibe. It really brings out your features without caking on makeup and if you have a nice summer color to your skin it looks even better. Some gloss could also be added to bring more shine to the entire look. Final Look

I also like it for the summer because it not as much makeup and feels lighter on your face. It feels a lot cleaner than wearing foundation and concealer as well. Don’t forget to wash your face well before and after, also sometimes doing a skin-brightening mask may help to bring out more natural glow.

Do you want me to recreate this look on YouTube?

Thank you for reading this post. I really hope you are all enjoying your summer. Please check out more of my blog posts and follow for updates on new content.


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