3 Nail Colors to Complete Your Summer Look

This summer I have had done the best job taking care of my nails that I have ever done in my entire life. That being said now I often like to admire them without polish but that becomes bland after a while. I have painted my nails a few times this summer and I like to stick with colors that are likely to go with anything I choose to wear. I try my best to find colors similar to my wardrobe. I love blues and greys so I usually try to find those colors but every once in a while I will do a shade that is bold. Reds are my favorite bold nail color, but I’ve been meaning to try yellow as well (maybe it’ll be a fall nail color.)summer nails.jpg

  • Revlon – Smoldering $5 – I love grey with all my heart. This specific grey is slightly glittery and kind of holographic. They shine blue and pink in different light. Grey will always be a go to color for me and this sparkly one is perfect for summer. SmolderingHow I Stopped Biting My Nails
  • L.A. Girl Color POP – Sweetheart SIMILAR $10 – A light pink is always good to bring out how tan you have gotten this summer. Lighter colors tend to emphasize your tan and how dark it is.sweetheart.jpg
  • Essie – Bikini So Teeny $9 – Again I love the light colors. Blue will always be a good idea, especially light blues. I got this one years ago from a friend and I used to wear it a lot then not at all but I picked it back up this summer and the formula is still good and the color is beautiful. It’s almost a periwinkle but not quite. I would love to see more periwinkle colors this summer.bikini so teeny.jpg

I wanted to add an extra nail color to this post. Red is a year-round essential color for you nails and my favorite one is Ciate – Dangerous Affair – no longer sold. Red nails always look so good, sophisticated, chic, and sexy at the same time.dangerous affair

5 Nail Colors to Complete Your Fall Look

I hope you guys have fun trying out all these colors. I think they are so perfect for summer 2018. These colors are totally the vibe I am on at the moment.

Comment some colors you think I should try before fall gets here!!

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