As Music Evolves| Concert Story

At the beginning of February I went to a concert, performing was a band that I was completely obsessed with in high school. During that time of my life I liked a lot of “heavy” music and “emo” bands. My favorite band of all? Bring Me the Horizon. They were known for being heavier but I loved how real they were and how strong they were lyrically. Some people just have a great talent for that.

Recently, their music has gotten softer and some of the old fans hate this. The band has a lot of fans saying that they don’t like the music any more and that they wish they were still heavy. This is where I actually get to my point.

So many people don’t understand that musicians, although fans are an important part of their career, cannot cater to fans needs musically. By this I mean, they need to make their own music the way that they want and weather or not you like it is up to you. Just because they have a new sound does not mean it isn’t good. I wish more people would have an open mind about music. Too many people get stuck in one genre and never really find good music. Explore. Be creative with what you listen to. Please.

This new album that they released was absolutely amazing and I had in on repeat all for a while. The concert? Phenomenal, to say the very least. This band has changed so much and it is definitely for the better.

My concert story- There I was arriving at the venue after listening to the new album and getting so hyped up for this concert. I was finally seeing Bring Me the Horizon. I step out of my truck and as soon as the door shut, I realized I locked my keys in the vehicle. Had I ruined the night? No, life is what you make it. We went inside the venue anyways. I also locked my ID in the car so there was no chance of getting a drink either. We went in and enjoyed every moment of the concert. Bring Me the Horizon was amazing live, there was so much energy. I had never been so free at a concert before this one. I knew every song, I sang some of them a lot in high school, I listened to them like it was my religion (It’s not though.)

Most of the concert was just jumping and screaming and I know for some it’s hard to imagine that being a spiritual experience or even a good time but it was both. I loved how mixed-genre it was. It was like going to a rave/ metal concert/ acoustic session all in one, they had every element that I craved.

After the concert was finished we went back to my truck and waited about an hour and a half in the 10 degree parking garage until AAA came to help out. Thankfully, the people next to us were nice enough to invite my friend and I to wait in their car. After all of that when I am not even a mile from my house, driving home I see blue lights in my rear-view mirror.

Thank you for reading this, it was something that has been on my mind recently and I hope you enjoyed my story as well. Please like and follow to be updated when I post new content.


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