The Angel and The Dragon (Short Story)

A story by G. Edgar

The stars align and then they divide into a place where love is born and hatred dies. Look through the clouds and past the moon, in the sky where the angels fly. Here you will find what they thought was called heaven, but this was a place far from perfection. This place was made for the lost souls, for creatures that had a confusing path on the earth. You see, they weren’t meant to be put there, no, but here in the air. Often those who come, find love at the gate and they take the pain they’ve carried with them, for it has made them who they are. There is a ruler, a dragon name Kobuk who rules the sky and his scales, they shine like stars and the moon is his eye.

One day there was a girl, a girl with wings, crying in the clouds just outside the gate. “Master, we know not what to do. All who come, come happily in. Who is this girl? And where has she been?”

Kobuk sees the troubled girl and asks “Miss, why do you fear our place of bliss?”

“It is not for me, for I have failed. My job has not been accomplished yet.” She sobs. This mournful girl who is grieving herself, needs to be shown that she is more than whom she may seem. Her wings they spread out across the clouds, but they’re torn and grey, not like the angel wings we’ve seen before.

“My child come in; I will give you rest but then you must tell how you became this terrible mess.” She picks up her body, weak without purpose and drags her sad wings in past the gate with her legs very nervous.

“Servants, give her food and you, get her water. We must treat this precious creature like she is our daughter.” She cried while she ate, more tears than she did at the gate. When she was full of food and she emptied her cup, she slept from sundown until the sun came back up.

She awoke in a room with a window and the sun shows through, everything was different, and everything was new. A natural light from above gave her life to feel again and then she realized her wings had disappeared. Seconds later a door opens, and the dragon comes in, Kobuk who smiles a kindly grin.

“My dear you have awoken and now tell us your story, I pray, tell us of all the glory.”

“I was a guardian and I guarded her beauty; she was a princess of natural beauty. She begged me to leave and called me her demon, little did I know freedom was of what she was dreaming. She cast me aside like a pebble in a river and released me her protector into the water. ‘Let me be free’ she cried out when I came back to help her but because of her beauty it was freedom she should lack. I tried to tell her, I told her she’d be fine, for her protection was only mine. I was her and she was me, guardian angels aren’t meant to be free. Now I can’t get back to her, I don’t know my way without my wings, and I am almost sure that she’ll she won’t think of these things. She knows not of the wickedness of man, how corrupt, how desiring, how selfish they’ve been. I’ve seen it in their thoughts as they cry out for her blood. To be as beautiful as she is almost a sin. The beauty is too young to be on her own, so please I beg you, send me back to her home.”

The dragon then said, “This can’t be all true, I have a feeling the enemy may perhaps be you.” The angel then looks at the ground and she wept and then the rest of her story she must tellingly speak.

“You see she sent me away because she is unable to bare the insecurities which I gave her with care. They cause her such grief and disdain, every night she can be heard crying out in much pain, but she doesn’t realize the pain of such beauty. I didn’t want her to hurt, just to not know of the true beauty which she has but could never quite see. But as she grows older, she begins to look in the mirror and fight me. I always thought that I would win, but it seems the confidence I took away, she has been asking for it back. The way she looked at me turned my wings grey and as she fought her mentality torn them into fray.”

Then Kobuk looked at the angel and he said “Angel you are an extension of your princess, you must learn to be a different fighter, a different guardian for you were sent to her to guide her not to control her. A little pain causes our strength to grow. You were meant to guard and strengthen her not to place fear in her head and now you’ve turned her against herself in here.” He points to her heart and she realizes what she has done, her eyes glaze over but she’s ready for a new thing to be done. “You are her and she is you, like you’ve said. Now go and put those silly thoughts to rest.”

The angel cried tears, the kind you always fear. Kobuk came near to her and lifted her head “My dear, I fear you are the demon who was in her head, but you can change and be her strength instead.”

“If I am a demon than how did I care for her?”

“You did your job, she had to fight you. She has been fighting for truth not for safety. She now sees her beauty, but it doesn’t hurt her like you made her think. She has now learned to trust her own instinct.”

The angel didn’t know whether to be sad or glad. Disappointment in herself made her weak but the words of the dragon gave her purpose.

“What am I know to do since I am done?” The angel spoke.

“You must go to her and her other demons you must provoke. Make them act out so that she may see them clearly and then against them she will fight very fiercely. A new you she craves dearly. Teach her to turn her demons to angels, like you who had fallen and now are redeemed.” She stood up understanding and tried to leave but her wings were still gone, she realized a demon she truly had become. The dragon then breathed fire on her and her wings came back to her new. They appeared larger and stronger than before; she had almost turned demon but was not anymore.

Walking to the gate she thanked the dragon and knelt, “You my king are the wisest of all. I thank you for your kindness and for opening my eyes to my own demon who was hidden so deeply inside. She rose and turned, leaving through the gate to go back to the girl from whom she was given a break.

There she lay resting in a sleepless sort of state, talking to herself and to the demons she once did hate. She was telling them lullabies last time the angel was there but now sweet love songs the demons did hear.

“Dear princess, please stop! Haven’t you had enough. Your eyes they are tired, and your heart is in pain, don’t tell me you’ve done this to yourself again. Your mind is at war and your body is weak don’t let these demons through your sweet lips speak.”

The angel took her by her arms and brought her in close and told her to fight back but the princess just froze. The demons appeared and they saw the angel who held the princess dear and they mocked, and they teased the angel for being so weak.

“You have no strength left for we fought you to death, you came back, but you still aren’t quite so blessed.”

With anger the angel did grow but she knew she had to let go. “Do your worst for the princess is strong, she is tired, but she is not gone.” The angel then turned to the princess and said, “I’m sorry for the thoughts I once put in your head. Princess you are strong, stronger than I and I fear for your life and don’t want you to die.”

Eyes opened and they sparkled with gladness “I am glad you are back dear angel of mine, you turned on my and did not realize. You are my strength, you fought me, now you are back and now it is fear of the demons that I lack. They are nothing compared to the strength that I have in you, I know you were confused and now we both know, there is often strength where weaknesses show.”  

The angel’s new glow and new heart gave the princess her strength, but the demons were still not quite at rest.

“Have at her, if that’s what you want.” The angel said. “She can fight more battles than all of us have fought.” They came with their trickery, with deceit and despair, whispering those negative thoughts in her ears. The princess fought from the inside out, conquering depression, anxiety and doubt. The princess had one and the left her for now, but now is not quite the time to take a bow.

“This isn’t the end for they always come back, the restless thoughts they carry with them never seem to give up.” The princess said in bated breath.

“My princess, I know and for now we will rest for I know this isn’t the last battle, there is more but now we fight together, this never-ending war.”

They rested when the stars came out and through all the night for every day, they again, a battle would fight.

The End.

-G. Edgar

I hope you enjoyed the story. I cut my hair recently and it’s cute now.

Thank you for reading! Come back soon for more.

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