Trust in Your Own Vision

In a world where just about every field is getting more and more competitive it is important to be able to stand out and separate yourself from everyone else. Being unique and having our own vision is what will help us in the future. Your career depends deeply upon it, so does mine. You can't [...]

What I’m Listening to in November

Music is an absolute must!! Especially on a dreary November Monday such as today. I'm constantly listening to music on days like today and constantly looking for new jams. Here is my playlist for November... Death & Taxes - Daniel Caesar  Focus - H.E.R Sky Walker - Miguel, Travis Scott Babylon - SZA, Kendrick Lamar [...]

5 Nail Colors to Complete Your Fall Look

Sometimes you just really need a little extra something to really pull an outfit together. This can be jewelry, accessories, shoes, or even nail polish. Is your outfit really complete if you didn't paint your nails.....Well, sometimes. But for real, nail polish can really take an outfit to the next level. Plus, Nail polish is [...]

No Need to Rush

Lately, I have been feeling very impatient with my own future. Part of me can't wait to see where my life goes and what direction I'm going to go in. We all get so caught up in getting to the next step that we forget to enjoy the place that we are in right now. [...]

Just Chill| We Don’t Need to Spend Money to Have Fun

I've noticed a lot of times when I want to go out, I feel like I can't because I'm short on money or there's just nothing that seems like it's worth paying for. Well, that's not true at all.  Some of the best times I have hanging out with my friends is when we aren't [...]

Wishes no.3 |Fall

I have been so excited for fall. For about a month now it's been all I've been talking and thinking about. I was on Rosegal earlier just browsing and getting an idea of what I want to wear this fall and I got so many ideas I had to make a wishlist for you all [...]

Travel Bucket List

I was going to start this post off telling you guys how much I love and want to travel but that's a given...every young person wants to travel and see the world. There's so much to see so and I have been dreaming of all the places that I would one day like to visit [...]