Instagram Roundup February 2018 | What I Have Been Up To

What you post on Instagram and you’re blog reflects your mood and what you have been into at the moment. It’s nice to do a little roundup to kind of pull all the loose ends together and give you give a type of behind the scenes of my blog. I do post more on my Instagram than on my blog and if you go follow me @genneydarling you can have access to my posts and stories and know even more about my style and my life and what I like to do. I love blogging but Instagram is a more laid back and easy access platform for sharing what’s up. So go click the link above to follow my gram for access to daily posts and stories. (In this blog post I’m gonna share some stuff from my stories as well!)

One thing that I did this month was I stopped drinking coffee and I have switched to tea. I mostly did this because I have always had an issue with anxiety and sometimes eliminating coffee or drinks that are high in caffeine can help. So far it has given me more energy and I think it has helped my anxiety as well. February 2018 Instagram RoundupMirror selfies have become my favorite btw.  | //“>White Lace Dress | Coat from my Cold Hands, Warm Heart post.February 2018 Instagram Roundup (2)I love to share when my nails are nice because I am not very good at taking care of my nails. This shade is //“>Limited Edition by Essie.February 2018 Instagram Roundup (3)You also will see some stuff from my blog posts on my Instagram so you will know when I post!

February 2018 Instagram Roundup (7)You can also get behind the scene looks at some of my outfits and makeup looks, before I post them on my blog!February 2018 Instagram Roundup (6)Last week was crazy for me. I had to throw an event and I was super grateful for all the support coming from my family and friends like I said in the caption of this post. It was a hard week and I couldn’t have done it without my best friend, my family, or my amazing boyfriend supporting me. February 2018 Instagram Roundup (9)Also this selfie is fire and so are these shades. //“>Cat Eye Brow Frame Shades.

February 2018 Instagram Roundup (10).JPGA few more Instagram only parts of my Valentines Look. February 2018 Instagram Roundup (8).JPGSometimes I edit my Instagram photos better than my blog photos tbh. Sorry lol.

February 2018 Instagram Roundup (11)More mirror selfies dude!

Also let me know in the comments if you guys want me to tell you how I do my wall behind me in this last photo! It’s not finished but I would love to show you guys how I do it and maybe I’ll make some progress on it this week. Let me know in the comments.

This post was actually more fun than I thought it would be and I may do more roundups like this. Go follow my Instagram for behind the scenes access of my blog and my everyday life, what i wear, where I get coffee, what my favorite products are….all on the gram @genneydarling . You can also click the link on the side of this post.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you will join my on Insta and I hope you enjoyed this post! Please share it and follow me for more sweet content! Have a beautiful rest of your February!

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