7 Pairs of Sunglasses You Need for Spring- Summer 2018

Lately I have been so in love with sunglasses. Specifically certain styles. I’m sure some of you may have notice a trend of cute old fashioned 50’s looking glasses as well as skinny lens sunglasses which are also to die for. I bought my pair of narrow cat eye sunglasses recently and have been loving them the past few days even though it hasn’t been too sunny out. Today is going to be beautiful though. so, catch me around town with my sunnies on.7 spring summer 2018 sunglasses

Other styles I’m obsessed with:

Slender oval Frame Sunglasses-Amazon

The Bird Sunglasses- Barneys– $210 – These pink square lenses with gold accents are sure to compliment your spring vibes.

Sliced Top Extreme Cat Eye – ASOS– $23 – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – A very different approach to the cat eye trend with a frame only on the bottom.

 Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses -Amazon

Venice Oval Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters– $18 – The “kurt cobain” eyeglases trend. very groovy and looks amazing with vintage inspired looks.

Vintage Clueless Square Glasses – Urban outfitters$14 – My personal favorite! These skinny rectangle lens glasses are perfect for summer and I will definitely be wearing them as well as other influencers.

SKIN- Dia Black and Gold frames$45 – These uniquely shaped glasses any of us are sure to fall in love with. They are a new take on a classic style.Spring Summer 2018 Sunglasses

Any of these styles are a wise choice for this spring-summer season. They are so unique and you will probably see me as well as many other style bloggers wearing similar styles. I’m so excited for the spring and the summer and can’t wait for some of the exciting stuff and gorgeous outfits that will be here on my blog this year.

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